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If you don't see the answer to your question, please contact your account manager.

If you are having issues login in you may need to reset your password. There are two ways to reset a password.

1) go to the Login page and click on "Forgot password". Next, enter your email address and if it is recognized by the system you will receive and email with a link to the Reset Password page. On the Rest Password page you will enter your new password twice and enter.

2) If you are already logged into the store you can go to My Account then hit edit on the your personal overview. Once you are on the Edit My Account pager select the "Click here to change your password" link to go to the Reset Password page.

Go to Account Activity to view all documents related to your account. These can include: saved carts, quotes created by a sales rep, orders, invoices and RMAs (invoices and RMAs only when available). Just select the sub-tab of the document type you have access to review, make sure the date range and and the document status filters you need are selected.

To run reports on your account's activity go to My Account and click the Reports link. From the Report section you can select a report type (Contact,Category, Mfr (Manufacturer) Part#, Manufacturer (name), or Top Purchases) then select a document type and desired date range. To customize it you can select column values that you want to see in your report, some reports can have subtotals, be sure to look at the sub-total options at the bottom of the column value selections. Run your report.

If you create a report that you need to run on a regular basis remember to add it to your Saved Reports. Next time you need to run it, simply go to Saved Report and select the one you want.

Save Cart and Create New will take all the items in the current cart and save it into your Account Activity. In the process it will empty the cart which will allow you to start anew with adding items.

My Favorites is a single list that you can use to keep items you purchase regularly or are interested in purchasing. From any product page you can select Add to Favorites, customize the name of the item, and save it to your list. This list can be accessed by selecting Favorites, "Favorite Products". To edit this list, fist click on the "View" icon (magnify glass) to reach the list view of all the items, and then select the "Edit" icon (pencil) to go into edit mode.

Company Favorites Lists

Some of our customers have been assigned one or multiple company favorite lists. These can be accessed by selecting Favorites, then under "Company Favorites Lists" by selecting the name of one of the available lists. From this list you can change quantities add multiple products at once to your cart. Some users may have access to copy, edit and delete lists based on user rights settings.

When available, invoices can be paid by credit card. To pay by credit card, go to the invoice you want to pay and click on the Pay by Credit Card button at the bottom of the page. Complete the payment form and submit to make the payment. You should receive a confirmation email in your inbox to the email recorded with your account.

When you see Call in the pricing column it means pricing for that item fluctuates in a very frequent bases and you need to contact a sales rep for an accurate price.

Use Ask Sales for submitting an email to a company sales representitive for questions on products, assistance with a shopping cart or for requesting a quote. Please remember to include as much detail as possible and/or document attachments for any request.

We understand how important it is to feel confident in the product you are selecting. Unfortunately, we do not always have the detail you might need on every product. If you have a question on one of our items please use the Ask Sales form to request additional information.